Close your eyes. Well, not yet.

Imagine a world where we stress less when leaving our dogs at home. Where we build real relationships with others in parks. Where we can have a date night with our dogs, and not feel like it’s long overdue. Now open your eyes, are we in that world? Raising a dog in a city is hard.

Keeping them healthy, happy, and well-behaved? It’s hard to be a good dog mom.

We can’t fix it all at once, but the right diet, targeted to your dog’s specific health & wellness goals, is where we start.

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Here’s the thing:


The scrutiny we use to filter what goes into our own bodies? The wellness goals we have for ourselves? Yeah, we’re doing the same for our dogs. Healthy meals, vitamins, nutrients, the whole thing.

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real raw food, for dogs

  • naturally helps maintain an ideal weight
  • leads to softer & shinier fur
  • fresher breath
  • stronger immune system
  • stabilized energy levels
  • less tartar build-up

 You’ve got good taste.

Why doesn’t your dog?

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Sure, a part of it is portion size, but think bigger. It all starts with a healthy gut - that means bringing the right enzymes and probiotic blends into your dog’s pre-portioned meals


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Our dogs internalize the same stress and mental fatigue we feel in the city. We haven’t developed a chill pill (yet), but we’ve got the meals to de-stress in the meantime


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Fur & Skin

The meals and snacks with the secret sauce to revive dull fur and itchy, irritated skin. Filled with vitamins and essential oils to bring the shine.


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Alright, maybe we have some pain and creaky joints and stiffness, but we won’t accept the same for our dogs. No pain. No stiffness. No swelling. All the activity. Well, as much activity as we can muster.



Okay. Now you can close your eyes.

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