30.00 every 2 weeks

Noofood Bars are a daily vitamin and supplement snack to augment your dog’s diet. Bars can be stored at room temp with other treats (don’t need to be refrigerated) and are designed for daily use.

Choose the bar that is best suited to your health goals and concerns. We offer targeted nutrition for:

  • Weight (under, over)

  • Digestion

  • Fur (patchiness, dryness, shine)

  • Skin

  • Anxiety

  • Joints / Bones

Tooth health and immune benefits coming soon.

Choose either a 'STANDARD’ bar from the wellness options listed in the dropdown below, or a ‘PERSONALIZED’ bar. For personalized bars, we’ll ask you to create a profile at

Wellness Goals:

When you subscribe to Noofood Bars, you’ll receive a shipment of 14 bars every two weeks.

If at any point you want to pause or cancel your subscription, send an email to at least 1 week before the next shipment.