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Noofood Bowls are meals for your dog. We enrich each bowl with daily vitamins and supplements to target your dog’s specific health goals and concerns.

Bowls are shipped raw and frozen, and should be stored in a refrigerator or freezer within 12 hours of arriving at your house. Bowls are designed for daily use, and ensure your dog gets a balanced diet with a variety of protein sources and clean ingredients.

Choose either a 'STANDARD’ bowl from the wellness options listed in the dropdown below, or a ‘PERSONALIZED’ bowl. For personalized bowls, the price will vary by your dog’s calorie needs, and we’ll ask you to create a profile at

For special occasions, if you wish to cook your dog’s meal, we include cooking instructions as well. However, the meals are designed to be eaten raw in accordance with a Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods diet.

Dog's Weight:
Wellness Goal:

When you subscribe to Noofood Bowls, you’ll receive a shipment of 14 bowls every two weeks.

If at any point you want to pause or cancel your subscription, send an email to at least 1 week before the next shipment.