Weight & Digestion B O W L

Weight & Digestion B O W L

from 55.00 every 2 weeks

Over-feeding and under-exercising are all too common issues for our dogs. Whether it’s because of long work days, longer winters, or difficulty portion sizing with kibble or wet food, it’s something we all struggle with.

Carrying excess weight wears down the whole body system - maintaining healthy weight is key to a long, playful lifestyle. Fill up your pup with real, raw food, topped with vitamins and supplements to maintain ideal weight and counteract digestion issues.

We ship a new box every two weeks. Each box comes with 14 pints. Each pint includes 1 days worth of personally portioned food.

Store in your freezer until you’re ready to serve. Most dog’s enjoy the crunch of our frozen cubes, so no need to thaw. Text our team with any questions. Your first box will come with a transition guide and you can change or cancel your subscription at any time without penalty.


  • Digestive Enzymes

  • Probiotics

  • Coconut Oil

Recommended Calories/Meal: