Why Noofood


Like many dog parents, we realized kibble and canned food don't deserve our loyalty.


Noofood uses the highest quality, traceable ingredients.

Traditional brands use the cheapest ingredients available - occasionally leading to recalls and illness.

  1. Kibble contains 3-6x the appropriate amount of starch

  2. High starch leads to tartar issues and increases the pH of the stomach

  3. Proteins used in kibble come from low grade 3D & 4D rendering facilities (poorest quality, low handling standards)

  4. Non traceable ingredients.

  5. Low absorption, digestibility, moisture

  6. Nutrient content is diminished with high-heat dehydration

Planning Your Dog’s Diet requires Nutritional expertise.

20% of US dogs are eating homemade human-grade foods. But, shopping, cooking, and meal planning for your dog takes careful nutrition evaluation and should be done in consultation with an expert.

Animal Nutrition is not one-size-fits-all. Nutritional needs are unique, depending on age, weight, activity level, breed, and health status.

Vitamins and supplements are critical yet complicated. When considering vitamins, not only is dosage unique to your dog, but quality is hard to assure.

Noofood promises to be honest about quality and science.

Noofood nutritionists take the complexity out of well-balanced feeding plans.

With a simple profile, we can build a balanced and complete diet. We source fresh, high quality meat, vegetables, fruits and vitamins from some of the best farms in the US. You receive fresh meals, and can choose whether to serve raw or cook. 

With transparent sourcing, you'll know where every ingredient was farmed, and the health benefits of each.



Noofood nutritional recommendations are rooted in strong and traditionally trusted research.

We promise to be as honest, transparent, and responsible in sourcing as possible.

In pursuit of transparency, we hope to share third party scientific research and our honest opinions with you.

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